Shoot The Centerfold Lighting Diagrams

The wait is over, the secrets are here. Some of the most well kept lighting secrets of Playboy photographers are now available to you! Learn from multiple different lighting scenerios, how to create that amaizing shot using the very same lighting techniques as the masters.

No more guessing where to put the strobehead, backlight, hairlight or how to use warming gels. See detailed descriptions on each light, f-stops, ISO, focal length, color temperature, distance and the lens used to create the breathtaking images. Use these techniques to create your own masterpieces and let your pictures do the talking!

Knowing lights and understanding their purpose is the first step to photographic wisdom. Today’s clients demand knowledgeable photographers who can deliver when necessary in any lighting situation imaginable. This lighting diagram will help any photographer to understand basic and advanced lighting situations with precise accuracy.
Lighting is the single most important key factor in today’s photography.

You will learn three different levels of lighting: basic, intermediate, and advanced lighting set situations. Start learning at the basic or intermediate level and take your photography to the advanced level as your skills grow.

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