Awareness is an independent & pirate project for the development of immersive environments, experimental parties and the poetic of creative chaos.

The short movie is the reality version of an insightful dream the author had.

A brief & intense story about the cahotic process the 'Inner-you' suffers in the search for the way to flow & fly. A total brainstorm, a collapse, until reach the insight of perception and transformation - break throught the right door... and then return to the zero point, get the purification, find the real and true self essence.

Creative chaos for AWARENESS of life!!!


Written by Bia Paiva
Director: Helge Kubath
Camera & edition: Dennis Hemstedt
Inner-you: Marina Faé
Inner-infant: Maya Paiva
Soundtrack: Fobia
Assistent and catering: Timo Kraemer

Recorded in the underground labyrinths of Berlin in may / 2009 .

5d mark II
canon 28-105

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