Pioneers Festival 2012
A project by STARTeurope

With an outstanding team of 37 people and a framework of five different specialized partners we realized the complete dramaturgical conception and production of the Pioneers Festival 2012 ( ). It took place at Vienna’s imperial palace on two consecutive days. More than 60 international speakers including Siri founder Adam Cheyer, Dave McClure, Esther Dyson and Matt Mullenweg made the event to a high class start-up congress.

Trial Bike and Fashion Show at noon, a spectacular Pioneers Challenge Award Ceremony, startups from all continents and more than 50 countries, massive media coverage and around 2700 visitors were rocking Vienna’s imperial palace.

Based on a Television-Corporate Design-styled concept, each program item had a special bumper with sound and a programmed light show. Special were the formats „Clash of the Founders“and the „Pioneers Challenge“, with a complete dramaturgical course.

Media Coverage
TechCrunch, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Wired, The Next Web, The Kernel spoke in the highest terms of the festival.

© 2012 Media Apparat

////// CREDITS ////

Directed & produced by
Media Apparat

Leonard Pokropek, David Razzi, Adi Markusich, Felix Weiß, Hannes Reisinger, Alexander Kuiava, Martin Pauser, Piotr Szwarczewksi, Ian dee Grees, Natalie Czermak

Technical Partner: Concept Solutions
Video Partner: Viral Video
Stage Partner: Palettenmöbel
Streaming Partner: Ustream
Freerun Athletes: Unbounded Motion

- Executive Directors
Markus Fischer & Romana Kleewein

- Complete Production Team
Alexander Kuiava, TV-bumper
Ben Pokropek, Project- & Productionmanager
Benjamin Paya, Camera Operator 1st floor
David Razzi, Motion Graphics, Presentation Operator
Dominic Schneider, Technician
Felix Weisz, Motion Graphics + Kamera Operator
Florian Egger, DJ
Florian Razocha, Video Director / Stream
Hannes Reisinger Motion Graphics, Camera Operator
Igor Pajed Director & Concepts
Adi Markusich, 3D modelling
Jakob Hütter, Video Operator 1st floor
Jonathan Voughan, Director of Photography 2nd floor
Leo Pokropek, Art Director
Markus Fischer, Executive Director 1st floors
Markus O. Grohs, Wireless Cam 1st floor
Martin Pauser, Sound Designer Jinggles
Martin Ludl, Camera Operator 1st floor
Mathias Waidbacher, DJ
Michael Maschik, Runner 2nd floor
Michael Merzlikar, Runner 1st floor
Michael Moser, Audio Technician 1st floor
Moritz Wohlleb, UV Artist
Natalie Czermak, Director of Light 1st floor
Paul Niederfriniger Video Operator 2st floor
Philipp Habenicht, Wireless Cam 1st floor
Szwarczewksi, Sound Designer Jinggles
Rebecca Büchler, Stagemanager 2nd floor
Resa König, Presentation Operator 2nd floor
Romana Kleewein, Executive Director 2nd floor
Rosalija Chilli Gregurek, Director fashion show
Stefan Schauppenlehner, Stagemanager 1st floor
Stefan Siezen, Documentation Camera
Thomas Loacker, Director of Photography 1st floor
Thomas Planitzer, Stage Technician 1st floor
Andreas Dorfer, Internal Networks Technics

Unbounded Motions Freerun: Alex Schauer, Sascha Hauser, Andrej Lisal, Roland Schafek

Post Production + Documentation
Glidecam: Stefan Siezen
Editing: Igor Pajed & Roland Schafek
Grading: Leo Pokropek
Soundtrack: Flight Facilities – Crave You (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix)

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