Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday

I can't believe I didn't send you a card
No, that's not very nice, not even one little card
But the card in my head says "Happy Birthday, Naja
Eat a lot of cake and laugh and dance the night away"

Then it goes saying that you're so cool
You are so beautiful, you do so well in school
But all the people punch each other when you drive by
That last thing would sound crazy in the card that I write

It should probably say that this is your day
This is your brand new day, do with it as you may
Make it excellent and awesome and super-incredible
Follow your dreams, don't make any of them sellable

We've known each other for over nine years now
We've done so much and we made it here somehow
Imagine if we'd never met, that would be weird
Maybe now we'd be in Lapland growing big white bushy beards

Being Santa Clauses

The card in my head doesn't make sense at all
But the card that I'd write would just be wonderful
It'd say "Happy Birthday Naja, Happy Birthday Naja
Wishing you the very best birthday you've ever had"

Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday

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