Everybody wants to be famous. Sometimes a name is all it takes.

Short Description:

First it was funny, then annoying and confusing, now it has become a part of her life. For plus-size model Elizabeth Taylor, having the same name as the one time 'most famous woman in the world" came with trials and tribulations. This is her story.


" I remember being a little girl and having adults bend down and say. Oh Elizabeth Taylor. Where is Richard Burton. So from a very young age I always wondered who this character Richard Burton was."
When Elizabeth Claire Taylor grew up she was obviously aware of her famous namesake. First it was funny, then annoying and confusing. She tried changing her name to Elizabeth Bennett, adopting the name from the street on which she had grown up in Long Beach, California. But then she changed her mind and embraced her name, taking the stage with a one woman homage to the original Elizabeth Taylor, "Finding Elizabeth Taylor". Talking about her struggle with weight, body image and romantic issues a deeper connection with the other Elizabeth becomes apparent.
"I share a passion for sex, and men and sensuality, which has come older in my life. I share a passion for jewelry and glam, and making an entrance and also with activism and that's Elizabeth Taylor's great legacy to me."


Website from Elizabeth Claire Taylor. 

Behind the scenes:

Kill your darlings. That's one of the hardest lessons in video storytelling. Originally I wanted to use the beautiful 'Who's afraid of Virgina Woolf' theme music by Alex North. It had all the elements I wanted, some melancholy, the connection with Elizabeth Taylor, the acting bit...but then I showed it to some people and they wondered where I had found that quirky elevator/shopping channel music. First I didn't want to give in but when I didn't get a reply back from rights holder ascap I saw that as the ultimate sign to start looking for a good alternative. I landed with this sparse and beautiful compositions with a strikingly cinematic quality from Peter Rudenko. Here's his website: alonetone.com/author

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