Infographics stories started from the idea to
create some visual biographies, modern, concise
and pocket. The aim is to link in a single
project the infographics style to the historical
narration, through a short story based on the
essentiality of the contents, a new way to tell,
and a possibility of experimentation for the
infographics that has always been used in the
quantistic area. The continuous barrage of
images and words, typical of our everyday life,
creates the desire to return to a very sober
language, as much concise as possible, able to
eliminate everything superfluous pointing only to
the naked information.
I chose to tell the stories of three characters
linked to the musical modern culture, united
together by a very particular event: the untimely
death at 27 years old. I’m dealing about the so
called “club of the 27”, a club formed by a group
of young artists, who at the height of their
success, live the earthly life to get the eternal

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