***HD fullscreen, earphones and a few minutes of silence is recommended***

A short experimental movie for AAU AV Production exam.
The contemporary world will be full of poverty and dirtiness. The usual human beings suffer of sadness and dirtiness. They find a solution through drugs. But drugs create more dizziness and drastic decisions. Can they find who they are? Can drastic decisions solve something?


Directed by Dominykas Vaitkus & German Skripnicenko
Story by Dominykas Vaitkus & German Skripnicenko
Produced by Razvan Ursachi

Production manager/Behind the scenes operator: Palle Nohr
Operator: Pavel Grosikov
2nd Operator: Casper Fabricus, Yavor Botov
Camera assistant: Christian Ritter
Director of photography: Dominykas Vaitkus, Yavor Botov
Gaffer: Pavel Grosikov, Christian Ritter
Sound: Kasper Lund
Lighting: Casper Fabricius
Actors: Vlad Sharov, Yavor Botov, Kasper Lund, Jurgita Andruskaite, Dominykas Vaitkus

Editor: Dominykas Vaitkus
Assistant Editor: Christian Ritter
Behind the scenes editor: Palle Nohr
Sound Mixer: Kasper Lund


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