Nov 2012
DV, collage, Dada poem, color, sound, 3m44s

Talking Me is a moving image collage comprised of appropriated footage from internet videos. By subtly manipulating preexisting pieces and choreographing these moving images to a distorted soundtrack, the ultimate effect is a dialogue between rhythm, movement, and the phonetic sounds of language, mixed with the absurdity of Dadaist thinking. Where, to attempt to decipher meaning in what we think is meaningful is meaningless (i.e., the preexisting structures/definitions imposed upon spoken language), while the poetic motions of the unfolding visual and audio tracks become the prominent feature to translating this conversation.

I wanted to write a poem; I didn't know how and it made me sad. So, I wrote anyway and the following moving image work was conceptualized. What is revealed with diary-like frankness is the disconnection I was feeling with everything around me; the depression I was going through and this brokenness throbbing in my brain. The fragmentary, only half understandable image-to-text relationships flow as a kind of stream of consciousness, exposing the repressed violence I felt toward myself and the anger of not being able to communicate with others when I was desperately trying to. Creating, I think, a complex dialogue about when our attempts to speak fail us, how the deformed blocks of our own anxieties and insecurities ultimately distort our existence. The visual/textual constructions are choreographed to play in step, but out-of-step with linear progression. This is a telling portraying its own untelling. Furthermore, exposing the great struggle to speak when we feel we cannot. To say it simply, I do not have a story to tell.

To attempt to translate the work into audible text and image relationships is not something the viewer should really do. What is to be felt is the movement and rhythms of how this distorted German-esque English speech presents an unfolding foundation to the rhythm which then the images attempt to express the phonetic sound. What this work presents is, in my thinking, the Surrealistic play of word to image, object to association, and juxtaposition to dislocation. The fragments are dislocated from one another, yet are cohesively unfolding within the compositional and rhythmic framework.

The film repeats itself due to the fact that the initial viewing is a kind of rapid-fire; you almost hold your breath through the first watch. But from the forced upon second viewing, I hope one can see the visual relationships between rhythm, movement, and the distorted phonetics. A kind of dance I think, but greatly a play between the combination and repetition of particular images, the tonal and textural qualities invoked, and the feelings they stir. One can think of this film as a kind of moving image run-on sentence.

A Film by Metrah Pashaee

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