This course covers the subject of prosperity from a Biblical perspective, including definitions, prosperity in the lives of Old Testament patriarchs, covenant promises, principles of giving, stewardship and how to handle wealth. Prosperity will be covered from an overall perspective- spiritual, physical, material, etc..
During this class the following subjects will be covered:
1. Biblical prosperity completely defined.
2. Does God want His children to Prosper?
3. How to obtain complete prosperity.
4. Riches - positive and negative
5. Spiritual prosperity
6. Soulish prosperity
7. Physical prosperity
8. Relationship prosperity
9. Material and Financial prosperity

10. Prayer - To Obtain and Maintain prosperity
Upon complection of this course, each student will be expected to know and understant the following;
1. That prosperity is for God’’s Children.
2. That prosperity covers the totality of man.
3. How to obtain complete prosperity.
4. How to maintain a prosperous life in all areas

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