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This piece was made using ink, balsamic, olive oil, oil paints and wine in a bathtub filled with water.

"You can't substitute eternal happiness. Let go of regularity, find your one true love and dopamine will float within you. Once and for all."

A FEW WORDS ABOUT THE PROJECT'S SOURCE OF INSPIRATION - Modern age has been all about anxiety, rush and loss of concentration for the things we actually tend to love. In the daily routine of a man's life, few things are worth pursuing and most prove useless at the end of the day. It's a hard struggle realising this and stepping out of the trap but at the same time it is a piece of cake to distinguish useless ideas, relationships and tasks from the ones worth living for. Since you can't substitute eternal happiness with mediocrity, all it takes is asking yourself the question: "Where Is Your Δοpamine?"

"Where Is Your Δοpamine?" on YOUTUBE:

Filmed, Cut & Colored: Nondas Sapidis
Soundtrack, lyrics and narration: Nondas Sapidis
Sound Engineering: Kostas Apostolidis
Make-up Artist: Nellie Sapidou

Pleasures. This repetition I chose to replace me. A routine to get into with definite failure. Drowning. Empty inside. My heart gives away. For the last spark of light was swallowed. But just before the darkest bottoms I saw you. I heard you coming. A lighthouse beamed against the shadows. And this breath you exhaled shaped new worlds. You transfered me to new beginnings. This grace of undiscovered essence cannot be replaced by a thousand substances. And then you said: "Let us not play this losing game, for you can't substitute eternal happiness. Let go of regularity and dopamine will float within you. Once and for all."

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