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Dear The World,

We are under threat of closure. Our gorgeous and quirky theatre is being forced from its home due to ever-increasing costs of operating in our current residence of South Melbourne. We are lucky enough to have secured a fantastic new home for the Club - in the heart of the city. It's a little bigger, a lot better, and (oddly) more affordable than our beloved 204 Bank Street.

The new location is so exciting, and so perfect: it is down an alleyway and up a crooked flight of stairs. It's a building seemingly designed by a drunk architect, with plenty of nooks and crannies, and enough space for an 80-seater showroom. There's a tall, wooden flagpole at the top (we are not kidding) and a secret room (we are really not kidding). Its history traces back to a watchmaker shop in the 1890s. It's the Club - we just need to move in.

But to do this – WE NEED YOUR HELP.

The move is going to cost $130,000. But we don’t have $130,000. And the bank won’t give us $130,000. So we are calling out to our community – artists and audiences alike – to help us in our fight for survival. And we are fighting in the only way we know how.

Through Song. Through Dance. Through Partying and Through KITSCH.

Every branch of our strange family tree have offered help. To reward your support of our fight – there are three broad categories of rewards:

1. Artist Rewards – donated directly by Artists who call The Butterfly Club home. From Tim Minchin and Sammy J to Dan Ilic and The Candy Topps – this range of tickets, songs, experiences and exclusivity should get your mouth watering.

2. Cash For Kitsch. This is our cabaret twist on the “Buy A Brick” philosophy. Your support can ensure that Australia’s largest collection of Kitsch gets safely transported into our new home.

3. The Final Countdown. We will be hosting a star-studded gala at a top secret location on February the 8th – it will be followed by one last big bash at Bank Street. Both the gala and after-party are fully dedicated to raising the $130,000 we need to survive.

How you can help:

FIRST; Look through our rewards (on the right) – choose one you like and buy it. Or buy it for someone else. Or put it on your Christmas list.

SECOND; We have more artists contacting us with offers of rewards every day – check back here often!

THIRD; If YOU have something you can offer as a reward, or you can help the campaign in any way, please contact us@crowded.net.au

FORTH; Help us to spread the word. Talk about us – tell your people! The only way that The Butterfly Club can survive is if the people make it so.

It’s now or never, people.

It’s time for us to move it…

… or lose it.

*fingers crossed*

The Butterfly Club

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