I was commisioned to make a video for the project: Radical Animation and Musik (RAM Series) by the label Audition Records based in Berlin. The video was presented in Berlin in the intermission of a concert of two experimental musician from USA, Hans Tammen (tammen.org/) and Dafna Naphtali (dafna.info/).

The video was made with programming code (Processing.org) and all the transformations in the 3D geometry were taken from the information of the audio analysis of the song.


RAM Series #06 | 20.07.2012
Radical Animation and Musik | K77 -Lichtblick Kino- | SALON BRUIT BERLIN

New monthly series of oculo-aural events at K77 curated by Julian Bonequi in collaboration with sciolist & Salon Bruit. The series will present a selection of radical animators projections such as live animation, animated scores, live illustration and computer graphics animation… accompanying this will be an acoustic solo sound performance documented in video and shared in our video channel.


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