Director Mahmoud Al Massad

78 minutes, Documentary, Arabic with English subtitles, 2010.

A radical approach to documentary, this film imagines the future of the 4 year old boy, who died in the assassination of his PLO lieutenant father 25 years ago. Beginning with the first day of his life at age 29, he digs through his past to see what kind of life he would have had. At each turn, everything he’s done has something with death. At the same time, he bears witness to the dream of the Palestinian state he and his father died for turning a nation against itself. Yet just like his father, he has chosen a political path – only his is above the fray, as a political cartoonist in Jordan.

The film's world premiere was at IDFA Film Festival- Amsterdam and has recieved two awards at Dubai International Film Festival and the Audience Award at Tubingen Film Festival, as well as released in European theaters, Independent Lens- ITVS television in the USA

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