Hey everyone. Luke here. This year I, along with my wife and the rest of my team, participated in the the American Lung Association's 25th annual Trek Across Maine. The Trek is a 180 mile long bike ride starting at Sunday River ski resort in Bethel and finishing in Belfast on the coast of Maine. It traverses all types of landscapes, weaving a path through Maine towns and country settings, up mountains and alongside rivers. There were over 2,500 riders this year, who raised over 1.5 million dollars.

I'd like to thank those who pledged donations, to help me reach my fundraising goal.

Jerry York - From Yorks of Houlton
Michael Levesque - From Perfect Fit USA
Tanya Pereira - From the City of Brewer
Brian Rahill - From Rainstorm Consulting Inc.
Charles Washburn - Zeta Nu Fraternity Alumni

Thank you again for your contributions!

The Trek was long, hard and tiring but also one of the most rewarding things I've ever done. To be able to complete it alongside my wife and my team made it that much more of an accomplishment. Rain or shine, I'll certainly be riding again next year.

*Couple small notes about this video. My approach to filming was drastically changed the weekend before the trek. I had a bad wipeout on a practice ride, went over my handle bars and really messed up my left arm. I couldn't confidently or comfortably bike with one hand and film with the other, so there's not as much "action" footage as I was hoping for. Second, there isn't a lot of footage from Day 1. It rained a lot all day and digging the camera out to film seemed like less of a priority than staying warm and finishing the day.

ENJOY! Share with your friends! If you want to learn more about the Trek Across Maine, visit their website: lungme.org/

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