I let the pieces fall away, try to catch them in my hands:
Paper birds to the wind,
Pluck a feather from the tail,
To adorn my hair in pictures of the past,
and times that have never been.

I have no regrets, tears mixed into the rain.
The wolf cries but the moon comes round again.
Petals from a flower heart carried by the river -
maybe it could carry me on a raft made up of memories.
Time may pull me forward,
but the waves they roll me back again.
I'll splash my reflection and turn my face to a night sky.

Think I'm looking for a rainbow moon,
Think I'm looking for a rainbow moon.

How deep can you swim before the sun comes up again?
Do you fear sea monsters in the quiet, in the shallows?
There are voices on the air,
They call for you to follow.
Or was that just the echo of a song that you sang long ago?

Think I'm looking for a rainbow moon.
Think I'm looking for a rainbow moon.


Produced by Victoria Wijeratne

Photo by Angel Villanueva

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