I think what I am learning from a work flow pov has been just as important as the technical. Oh the hours I've spent chasing my tail on projects due to losing focus. The workflow issue I learned was this idea of setting a schedule to follow really doesn't work for me. I initially thought I would force myself to learn one thing a week and post it Friday. But I've been learning 2,3,4 things a week and holding to a post once a week is really holding me back. My original intent was of course to not get lazy and go 3 weeks without learning or posting. The over arching lesson here in this project goes back to focusing on the original goal. Learn something new and have fun. And there is nothing like placing a bunch of self imposed rules and regulations on yourself to really kill the joy of a project.


Week two of my 52 week "learn something new" project and I learned four things all using the add/animate feature within the layer drop down.

tutorial link : Screen Fillers Graphic User Interface Elements -part 1

I'm not going to ever try and reteach what I learn but rather explain how it helped me. (You can always watch the tutorial as they are better than I at explaining this stuff.) There are so many "hidden" features and functions that give us the power to do all the things our minds want our hands to do. But I'm usually stuck to sticking to what I know due to lack of knowledge and experience. While I don't have any desire to create a sci-fi Graphic user interface for the next Iron Man movie, by doing this tutorial I came to understand how powerful the add and animate functions within the layer are. And when you combine the function with an expression you have almost unlimited possibilities to bring your image to life. And I think that is what always gets me excited about motion graphics over traditional print design. I like knowing that I don't know all the things that can and will happen when beginning an animation. That it can take on a life of it's own when it is set in motion. And that is one of the reason I'm pushing myself to learn something new each week. Because when I get stuck in my lazy cycle of only using the same animation technique's I already know then I tend to not get as excited about creating something new.

Below are also links to the artist that the tutorial are from.
Stefan Surmabojov

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