Would you give up your job to tackle your passion in life? A couple of years ago Jessica Gordon did just that. Her best friend and neighbour Damian Rayner captured her story.

A fascination with cameras started at an early age for Jessica, who remembers snapping self-portraits at any given opportunity. Now an adult, her focus has turned to photographing others.

Jessica lives in Leeton, NSW and a few years ago she made the brave decision to quit her job and focus on her photography full time.

Finding steady, local and interesting work hasn't been easy for Jess who has a learning disability and some difficulty with her speech. In her spare time she'd started taking photographs of her friends and family, often documenting school formals and styling her own themed shoots.

At first she was apprehensive to treat photography as anything other than a hobby despite the encouragement of friends and family.

These days she has a studio setup at home, where she can meet and photograph clients. Her weeks are peppered with shoots though some weeks can be quieter than others as there are a handful of professional photographers working in town.

Things have progressed slowly but positively and Jess has started thinking about her dream studio setup, a shop front independent on her home and closer to the main street, something she's aiming to achieve in 15 years time.

For our Day in the Life project, her friend Damian Rayner spent a day tailing Jess at work to document her story to date. He didn't have to travel far; the pair has been friends since high school and currently live next door to each other.

Damian's spent the last month planning, filming and editing this story and before our final workshop, he stayed up til 3am putting the finishing touches on the edit!

I hope you enjoy this video and all of the effort Damian put in to documenting his friend's story.

Written By Sonya Gee

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