A gleefully Dadaist and colourful mash-up of influences and techniques ranging from The Simpsons, The Exorcist, The Addams Family, auto-destructive art and the work of photographer Thomas Demand? Or just an excuse to let our perverted imaginations run wild with random props and household appliances? A bit of both probably.

We set out to create 4 identical sets – loosely representing each of the 4 band members and musical elements of the track – each set having it’s own distinctive colour-scheme: a colour for the backdrop, a complimentary colour for the props plus a neutral white (used in all) to highlight details within each set but also to unite all 4 sets and colour-schemes.

We spray-painted the props in order to make them look ‘hyper-real’ – you can tell it’s a real TV set and a ‘real’ toy baby but the fact that they’re both spray-painted grey upsets your expectation of how they should look, as well as unifying them visually.

Upsetting reality further, we decided to combine stop motion with ‘live action’ simultaneously within the same set and to animate normally in-inanimate objects. For instance the bookshelf begins to ‘play’ the bass-line using stop motion whilst inches away a real hand begins typing on a typewriter in real time. Similarly, the human elements are stylized to subvert expectation e.g. a disembodied hand becomes a character in itself whilst a motionless head mounted on a wall (a trophy from a Bladerunner–esque Safari shoot?) suddenly begins to sing the lyrics.

In order to get the look of the text and static of the TV set right, we had to go through several stages converting analogue to digital and back again. We filmed the static of the TV (rather than use a generator from Final Cut which didn’t really cut it), and then combined it with text, whilst adding various ‘bad TV’-type effects from Final Cut. We then exported the file and then filmed the TV as it played the file from a DVD player. And then we smashed it with a brick. As you do.

Were we perhaps a little “Too High” whilst making this? Only if using copious amounts of spray-paint in a woefully under-ventilated room has anything to do with it. Shame about the monkeys though.

Produced by SCRATCH

Directors: Seymour Milton + David Foulkes
Cinematographer: David Foulkes
Art director: David Foulkes + Seymour Milton
Editors: David Foulkes + Seymour Milton
Stop motion animator: Seymour Milton
Colourist: David Foulkes
Sound design: Seymour Milton

Cast: Aurelie Poles

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