Cruising around in wintry landscape in northern Helsinki and Vantaa area, at a temperature of -10 Celsius, fortunately the wind was mild.
In winter conditions it's luxury to get the speed over 20 km/h, more important though, it's to get to places safe.
I use Schwalbe Marathon (35-622) winter tyres with studs, they work fine on hard snow surfaces and ice, rolling resistance is not so terrible either. On soft snow and slush the front tyre have a tendency to slither like a snake and that makes it's sometimes quite challenging to get forward. Keeping the cadence high as possible you'll get forward even in soft snow, at the same time you'll get some good exercise.
Winter cycling is nice when the conditions are good, meaning (IMHO) that temperature stays between -5 and -15 C and the snow plower has done his job.

Music by Kemopetrol

Filmed with Contour ROAM (1080p)

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