a collaboration of unm and Koen De Preter

A house in a city is about to be demolished. As it lays dying, it tells the story of its life. For so many years it has been a home for a stream of residents, coming and going. It has witnessed generations of people in their search for a bit of happiness, saw them wrestling with the cruelty of their failures. In the arms of this house, people were in love. Under its roof they found shelter when things got too rough.
So join the house and be swept away with it by the radio music that resounded from the Thirties until today. Eighty years of unsettling history. Never the 20th century has been portrayed like this.

Concept: Kyoko Scholiers
Direction: Koen De Preter and Kyoko Scholiers
Choreography: Koen De Preter
By and with: Kyoko Scholiers, Louis van der Waal, Maarten Westra Hoekzema

Cast 1: Albert du Mont, Aube Ooms, Cedric Van Den Abbeele, Haron Badaoui,
Martha Van Reusel, Martin Michels, Marie-José Meeuwesen
Cast 2: Emma Baeten, Fee Haazen, Hilde Wildiers, Jef Stevens, Lila Thielemans,
Marguerite Du Four, Nathaniël Van Ouytsel, Storm Haazen, Wim Loots

Set design: Bram Verhagen
Costumes: Thijsje Strypens
Production management: Jana Debruyne
Video registration: Stichting K I N O
Camera: Rudi Klumpkens
Edit: Rudi Klumpkens, Koen De Preter

A production of: unm, Zomer Van Antwerpen, C-mine Cultuurcentrum Genk
With the support of: ccBe, HETPALEIS and the Flemish Community

More info:

28 Jul- 8 Aug 12 Zomer van Antwerpen
13-15 Sep 12 Cultuurcentrum C-Mine Genk

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