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A demo reel showcasing my recent professional and personal work as a Character Technical Director in the cg industry

Demo Reel Break Down:

All rigs where made in Autodesk Maya 2009 or 2011
Shot 1 - TG Face Setup Tool
A Python tool used to transition blendshapes from the modeling to rigging. Features include a low res to hi res geo transfer, blendshape renaming and checking , and a face autorigger.

Shot 2 - Koula Corrective Deformations WIP
Corrective shapes, added helper joints were used to achieve appealing deformations. Changes to the initial control rig were also made to based on feedback from animation. The initial skinning was done by another Character TD.

Shot 3 - Track Rigging Script
Track Creator python script
Property of ESPN

Shot 4 - dvAutoSave Python Script
A tool to automatically save your scene after a certain amount of time has passed.
Built to work for Maya , Nuke, and Houdini. Downloadable at my website

Shot 5 - CACS Commercial
All Character Rigs and N-Cloth Sim for the falling money
Property of Red Giant Studios

Shot 6 - Dragon Roar
Creature Rig
Personal Work

Shot 7 - Blue and Red Monster Jump
Cartoon Rig
Personal Work

Shot 8 - X-Games Bumper
Vehicle Rig and Track Creator python script
Property of ESPN

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