"Grain - A Documentary about rural life in Australia" tells the story of rural living in Australia and what it is like to come onto a farm after living in big cities for practically all your life.

This is the documentary that Clinton Harn and I shot while I was in Australia. The piece was shot in about 5-6 hours or so on one single day with no preparation before hand. The aim was not to make a technically spectacular and visually incredible documentary, but to simply tell a story! We visited my brother Tim on the farm for 2 days, shot timelapses and created the documentary.

Kit used:

Sony FS100
Canon 24-70mm F2.8L
Genus Eclipse
Metabones Adapter
Rode NTG-2 on camera microphone
Rode PinMic
Edited in FCP X.

READ BEFORE YOU POST: This documentary doesn't encourage neither does it take a negative approach to hunting, especially pig hunting. We are very aware that this is a very touchy topic for many people, however we wanted to portray rural living in Australia and hunting plays a big role in their life. It's a social activity but most of all, it's pest control.

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