For colleges and universities like Massachusetts's prestigious Wellesley College, fundraising is a necessary annual reality and a crucial factor in establishing a school's reputation and determining its position in the national rankings.

Wellesley's "Participation Challenge" seeks each year to encourage alumnae to give, but measures its success not by dollars donated but by the number of alumnae who have given.
For the 2011 installment, we chose to motivate alumnae by giving them the bad news: Wellesley's participation has declined significantly in recent years.

Direction: Jean-Marc Joseph @ Base
Concept and Screenplay: Tom Greenwood @ Base
Assistant direction and production: Edgar Ferrer @ Base & Fric López
Director of Photography: Maite Astiz
Sound: Eric Aràjol
Hair and Make-up: Lola Martinez
Stylist: Suevia Sampelayo
Props stylist: Olatz Azcona
Lights: Marc Miró
Electrician: Rafa Suaréz
Casting: Vadever

Editing: Jean-Marc Joseph @ Base
Music and sounddesign: Pere Solé - dsekt[dot]com
Chess Player: Ana López (BCN Actors)
Black Panther: Enrique Muda
Sportscaster: Nick Landrum

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