This was an incredible holiday with 6 great friends (Great British that is) to Ireland. We road-tripped around the Ring of Kerry, stayed in Killarney and Galway. We finally arrived in Dublin for the most amazing wedding and reception I've ever been to. Tom and Kate, you are a beautiful couple!
Thanks be to the folks at LensProToGo. They were very personal and professional, making sure I had the right equipment for the job, even though my "job" was a vacation.
I shot most everything on a Nikon 1 V1. I love this particular mirror-less camera because of its ability to shoot 400 and even 1200 fps!!!! The resolution dwindled down to 640x240 at 400 fps so I only shot this setting and 1080i most the time.
The song is called "Welcome Home" by Radical Face (
I hope you enjoy watching this and I REALLY appreciate any and all criticism. Thanks in advance.

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