An Experimental Film, A TCS100 Final Project at UC Davis.

Life is Moving and Changing (by LaSoaphia QuXazs)

"Fjögur píanó" (by Sigur Rós from Valtari)

"Hannover Airport" (by Ho-Yeol Ryu) / "Home Alone" (by Lalith Ekanayake) / "NYC Unplugged" (by Randy Scott Slavin) / "IR Race" (by Gilad Benari) / "Let It Rain" (by Christophe Kiciak) / "Water" (by Ruud Baan) / "Woman, Train Platform" (by Rossella Scalia) / "Running Wildebeest" (by Mark Dumbleton) / "City Movement" (by Brain Yen) / "Wooden Bridge" (by Katerina Panayi)

Life is Moving and Changing

Life means constant change,
Movements as heart beats range.
Face what comes, be flexible,
Live in peace and happiness if possible.

When you gripe and oppose,
Life still forces on you the dose
Relax; know that all works for good,
Be wise, calm and watch your mood.

Realize that you cannot force others
To love or help you in your travels
Then you find true contentment
You'll be truly happy and independent.

Learn from the past, but have high hope
For a better tomorrow to develop.
Be always thankful, face what come,
That your life would become venturesome.

The real success in life is when you know
You are the one who attracts happiness or sorrow.
Learn to relax and know all works for good,
When you believe, you'll never be misunderstood.

When you learn as life goes on
With more wisdom you faster run
Life will be joy and completeness
You will know who you are
And you will be fearless.

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