Nate’s an active 8th Grader from Cape Cod. He loves sports — especially lacrosse, swimming, snowboarding, skiing, and hockey. And, he also loves playing games — all kinds. Plus, he has a special certificate for being able to pop a wheelie in a wheelchair.

At the NSTAR Walk for Children’s Hospital Boston in early June, Nate, an active member of Generation Cures for the past year, announced his own summer challenge — he wants to recruit 1,500 kids and their parents to join him at Generation Cures by the end of September.

Why 1,500 new families? That’s 100 families for each of the seven staples and eight screws that have been surgically implanted into Nate’s spine and foot over the past two years.

In late 2007, Nate underwent vertebral stapling, a new procedure to help straighten the curved spines of kids with scoliosis. And, in early 2009, after a snowboarding accident, doctors operated and used a special plate and an array of screws to repair Nate’s shattered left heel.

Nate and his family appreciate in a very personal way the value of research done at Children’s Hospital Boston. The operations Nate has undergone would not have been possible even a few years ago if doctors and researchers were not committed to finding new cures and treatments to help kids get better. Whether they suffer from a particular medical condition or need care after an accident, kids everywhere benefit from the research at the Hospital.

Answer Nate’s challenge and join him at Generation Cures. Challenge him to a game-for-good match by playing Caduceus. And, help raise awareness and money for Children’s Hospital Boston.

Together we can all make it better for sick kids everywhere.

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