Blank Productions, Vol. 1

Filmed & edited by Mike Matson in and around the Chicago area. Uploaded without kind permission from my talented friend, Michael Matson, whom I should really take the time to call soon.

Featuring (in no particular order):
Ryan DeLaval
Peer Pedersen
Parker Pedersen
Sean Johnson Billy Coulan
William Maloney
Billy Kroger
Mike Matson
Zach Ruttenberg
Matt Ratzuko
Jamie Senk
Keith Strohn
Danny Dahlberg
Little Steve
Mike Trtchetsky
Dave Flynt
Zach Orel
Kyle Maj
D-Town Dave
Jason Mitchnik
Timmy Hinde
Tommy Wolf
Asher Weisberg

Remastered by Joshua Flail for ReddingHill, LLC.

Copyright © 2012 by Michael Matson. All rights reserved where applicable. Music featured in this video is the sole property of the artist / label and is used in the hope that people not be dicks about it.

Skateboarding is not a crime.

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