A kid finds a "weird, old" bag in the park containing within it an elaborate labyrinth populated by strange characters.

Originally entitled 'Zen Arcade'. Written, shot, and edited in 72 hours as a part of the Grand Cinema's 72-Hour Film Competition 2010. Winner of the award for 'Best Use of the Situation (bag)'.

All films made as a part of said competition had to include all of the following: 1) a bag must be used in the first minute with something important in it, 2) a map, 3) the line "Should I know what that means?", and 4) the action of something breaking.

Actors: Dylan Zucati, Riley Gratzer, Juan Rivera, Josh Price, and Dawn Quinn.

Music: Riley Gratzer.

Writer, director, cinematographer, editor: Rick Gratzer

The new title I think speaks to my work in general. Heh heh.

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