In breaking the mathematical codes that are hidden in Sacred Sites, Carl Munck found that two minor adjustments needed to be made to our modern way of reckoning. The first adjustment is to the length of the year, which has changed since the Great Pyramid was built. The number 365.020081, exact to all 6 decimal places, lies "buried" in many Sacred Sites. We'll see later on, how that number fits in to some of Munck's calculations.

The main adjustment that concerns us however, is the location of the Prime Meridian. Today, we calculate longitude based upon vertical lines encircling the globe through the poles, assuming a total of 360 degrees for the entire planet, and with zero being at Greenwich, England. When we say that the time is 0800 hours Greenwich Mean Time, in other words, we mean that this is the time of day at a longitude of 0 degrees.

In order to "break the code" of the Sacred Sites, Munck found that it was first necessary to reckon longitude based not upon Greenwich but upon Giza in Egypt. In other words, instead of being at Greenwich, 0 degrees of longitude would be the location that runs through the Great Pyramid. That is the Prime Meridian for all Sacred Sites.

In "breaking the code," one number that Munck consistently finds "hidden" in Sacred Sites is derived by multiplying together the degrees, minutes, and seconds that represent the site's longitude relative to a Prime Meridian at Giza. So, for example, if a Sacred Site were found at a longitude of 49 degrees 1 minute 1 second away from Giza, we would expect to find the exact number 49 (49 x 1 x 1) "hidden" in the Sacred Site in some manner.

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