No World Order - execute's one min message to the world

execute: verse
loco: beat
mysterious jay: cam
everywhere i go there's an eyeball
symbols of the sun, eye of horus in a triangle
say you hate religion and the Bible
sit there worshipping the next american idol

is he gonna make it to the next show, I dunno
charges may apply when you text to vote
cut work early, speed home to catch the show
we'll be back after these messages subliminal

hungry? why wait?
coka-cola taste great!
drive-thru open late!

take this pill to lose weight
propaganda take the bait
offer ends soon!
hurry up! don't delay!

back to reality shows like crack
let us encourage you to grab a snack
cuz brain-washed zombies don't react
when the new world rider forms behind your back

so, make the rfid mandatory
take the micro-chip, that's the end of story
never should'a trusted authority
tryn'a make the thinking race a minority

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