Everyone has a TreeStory. Inspired by our oldest companions, TreeStory will change the way you see trees — and yourself — for good.

TreeStory explores the world of tree-obsessed scientists, activists, artists and musicians all inspired by a relationship with a single tree, asking the question – can one tree make a difference? TreeStory goes around the world to bring the most dynamic, compelling and surprising stories of people and trees to life.

What if a film could alter the way you see and relate to trees? That is the bold vision behind TreeStory. When asked, everyone has a connection to a tree in his or her life. It might be the one you climbed as a child, or the one you planted when your child was born, or just the one you walk by everyday on your way to work.

Our film asks people to consider one tree in his or her life. One tree provides enough oxygen for a family of four to live for a year. One tree provides enough wood to build a house. One acre of trees absorbs enough carbon dioxide for a car driven 26,000 miles. And one story might change the way you see trees forever.

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