Hello everyone,

I've made a tutorial for those who have been wondering how I got the level of detail and sharpness into some of my recent zoo photos.

You can see the collection located in the travel section here: photoreallabs.com/the-san-diego-zoo/
This video tutorial covers the basics for creating HDR images that focus on only one part of an image such as "Geoffrey the Giraffe" here. Rather than focusing on how the HDR affects the entire image, we focus just on the subject and then bring it to Photoshop for masking.

In this example, the Giraffe is the only HDR affected image we want and in order to discard the HDR treated background that came along for the ride, we mask out and substitute it for a slightly darker and more natural backdrop from a lower exposed version of the same file.
Watch the video to get the full scope of how you can do this with your own images and stay tuned for the next episode!

Please leave a comment below if you would like to see me cover a certain topic of if you just have some general feedback. Thank you for watching and catch us on the next episode!


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