The aim of pastoral care at Tudor Hall is to create grounded and happy young women with the self esteem needed to thrive in the modern world. The key to our success is team work, communication and the celebration of the individual. The team consists of staff, parents and the girl herself.

Girls are supported by all staff; particular responsibility lies with the tutors and house staff whose job it is to monitor the well being of the specific girls in their care. Support is also provided by the medical team, Chaplain, heads of vertical houses and the senior staff who know all the girls individually. This provides the safety net which gives girls the confidence to take risks, try new things and develop skills they did not know they had.

Girls are an equally respected part of the team. We encourage girls to take responsibility and initiative through representative bodies, evaluations and conversation. Pupil participation is vital to develop self confidence and in a small school we are able to find opportunities for them all to shine.

Parents play a vital role in the team and there is regular communication both formally and informally. As a school we are honoured by the trust parents put in us and value their unique input and insight.

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