Royal Mail delivers letters and packages to 27 million addresses in the UK every day, requiring its vehicles to travel nearly 2 million miles every day and enough building energy to power a town the size of Rugby. Through their Carbon Management Programme, Royal Mail aim to reduce their footprint by targeting these large impact areas. Martin Blake, Head of Sustainability for Royal Mail Group, will discuss how Royal Mail are planning to reduce their transport and building impacts by leading an approach to using alternative energy sources and driving forward the market for the commercialisation of hydrogen fuel cell technology.

Mark Cavill

The carbon management programme manager currently leading royal mails
holistic approach to future proofing its operation through the use of new
technology. Mark has performed a number of roles within Royal Mail from
site level management, to strategically leading the innovations work stream

He is primarily from a legal background but his active interest in the
environment and climate change agenda led him to follow his current career

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