Sounds of Arts Festival 2012
Program A
"Treasuring the Moments II"

Ludwig van Beethoven
String Quartet No. 1 in F-major, Op. 18 No. 1

Yui Kitamura
Camellia - Longing For You *

Dmitri Shostakovich (1906-1975)
String Quartet No. 8 in C-minor, Op. 110

Cristina Spinei
Bootleg Sugar Lips *

MuSE String Quartet

Ashley Windle violin
Chie Yoshinaka violin
Jules Lai viola
Jeanette Stenson cello

Program B
"Multimedia Live Showcase"

Cadillac Moon Ensemble
Patti Kilroy violin
Meaghan Burke cello
Roberta Michel flute
Sean Statser percussion
Featuring works by
Osnat Netzer and Conrad Winslow

botlek redux
Troy Ogilvie dance
Sharon Gillen choreography
Toshuba music

A Dancing Koi
- Love 愛- *
Kana Takahashi dance
Yui Kitamura music
Takahisa Shiraishi film

Boring the Tall Blond To Death
Clare Cook choreography
& dance
Alexander Schwartz dance
Leah Miles text
Donny Codden music

Program C
"Welcome To New Yawk!
- A Five-Borough Musical Tour"
*a world premiere producition

“Staten Island Fairy”
by Clive Chang & Molly McQue
David Gaynor, Siobhan Stevenson
and Christopher Tefft
with Mallory Keith & Josephine Patane

by J. Sebastian Fabal
Rony Stav & Eric Williams
with Jonathan A. Perez

“I Love You, My Cherry Tree”
by Yui Kitamura & Lauren Epsenhart
Mallory Keith, Eva Marie Mastrangelo
and Josephine Patane

“Stay Away From The Cave Man”
by Andrew Heyman & Chris Widney
JT McKenzie, Siobhan Stevenson
and Eric Williams

“The Bronx Zoo”
by Donny Codden & Leah Miles
Alaina Fragoso, Jonathan A. Perez
and Eli Zoller

“Welcome To New Yawk!”
by Andrew Heyman & Chris Widney
Starring All Cast

Program D
"MuSE 1st Young Composers Competition
Awards Concert”
Performance by MuSE String Quartet

1st Place
Allison D. Yuen “Purple Woods”

2nd Place
Scott E. Feiner “Ozark Dance” (III & IV)

3rd Place
Jae Y. Lee “Unspoken Feelings”

Honorable Mentions:
Alexis H. Lerner “Les Petites Danses”
Quentin E. Tschofen “Resolution”

Program E
Troy Ogilvie Dance Showcase
produced and performed by Troy Ogilvie
costumes by Marion Talan
original lighting design by Burke Wilmore
lighting design by Ashley Vellano
stage manager Stephanie Byrnes

choreography: Austin McCormick
coach: Laura Careless
music: excerpt from Jean Cocteau's Le Bel Indifférent

choreography: Shannon Gillen
music: Toshuba

choreography: Harumi Terayama
music: Mikael Karlsson

choreography: Margie Gillis
music: Jonathan Goldman

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