One day I woke up and found an invitation to a Pirate North Team trip. To be honest I was stoked on this. After that I waited for 2 months to go on that roadtrip and discover new spots, ride with other team riders and last but not least meet new people and also have a good time. When I went on this trip, I took with me a GoPro camera to film a One Day during the trip in order to show how rich North-Spain is and that it offers a paradise to riders. Enjoy!

I thank all the people that made this amazing trip happen and special thanks to Pirate BMX.

Official Pirate North video premiere is on 29th December 2012 featuring Ramus Paimre, Roger Soler, Noé Orozco, Nil Soler & Vicente Candel + Jaume Sala (Team Manger).

Best trip for me so far for sure!

By: Rasmus Paimre

Special thanks to GoPro Estonia for the camera.

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