I am extremely blessed to live in an amazing beautiful area on the shores of Southern Georgian bay in Ontario Canada. I am even more blessed to do some of my work shooting for a few of the different tourism boards in the area.

Grey - Bruce Summer 2012 is a compilation of some stock footage I had been shooting for a tourism board over a couple weeks this past summer. Just before this shoot another project I was working on for a feature length documentary ( thefilmtranscend.com) had an last minute opportunity to do a week long shoot in Kenya, as I was already commented to this shoot I couldn't attend but the team used my Canon C300 and all my Canon L series lenses on that shoot. This left me with the a good reason to rent a different make of camera to shoot with and test out during this shoot.

After hearing some good things about Sony new FS700 I though it would be a great camera to test out and I was extremely interested in its high frame rate shoot abilities.

After spending a week with the camera hear are some of my thoughts on it.
Overall this is a great camera especially for the price, its selling now in Canada of $9400.00 with the 18-200 kit lens or $8500.00 for just the body. That's almost half the price of my Canon C300 body! The image quality of the camera was very good, was still more impressed with my C300 but the image was very close in my opinion. The Kit 18-200 lens may not be the fastest glass around but it work very well and 90% of this short video was shot with it, only the last couple shots of the wine poring and the couple walking in the vineyard were shot with a non active Canon EOS adapter with a Sigma 20mm F1.9 lens. As all my other Canon Glass was with the crew overseas I did not have any other lenses to try out on the camera.

There is now the Metabones adapter for Sony NEX to EOS available that allows full controll over the Canon lenses. metabones.com. This with the glass that I already have makes this camera more appealing to me and I wish I had them for to work with during this shoot.

The very high FPS on this camera at 120fps and 240fps worked very well, but I did get frustrated with the fact that the camera had to buffer this file and then play it back at real time to the camera. This made it impossible for you to shoot another take for an other good minute and a bit. Not a huge deal but sometimes when we where shooting in the last few moments of the evening capturing the golden hour or golden "20min" this 1 and a half minutes of not being able to shoot caused some issues. Again though for the price for this camera to be able to shoot at these high frame rates it is very impressive, maybe I had just been spoiled with shooting on the RED Epic at high frame rates and being able to roll until the card was filled up.

Something that has been talked about a lot with this camera and the FS100 is the configuration of the camera and I have to agree with a lot of these people, I am not a fan of it. I found the eye piece very tricky to use and not comfortable at all. I ended up using and external monitor a lot of the time to get a better view of the image.
The body of the camera feels sort of cheep and plastic compared to my Canon C300.
Altho I was very pleased to have ND filters built into this camera (I hate shooting on cameras with no built in ND's!) but the ND's felt very cheep in the sense of the movement and the tab you used to move them.

Now down to the big question "would I buy this camera?" Well that is something I have definilty thought more about... I would much rather have my own RED Epic but this camera is much less expensive and I do like to have multiple camera's around. I am sort of a camera whore.

My current Canon C300, 5D Mark II and 7D wont mind having this guy as another friend. It would be a very useful camera more so for the high speed shooting abilities for some of the action sports that I shoot. I think I will be holding off for now and waiting till the new year to see if a Epic will fit on my books or wait to see what is coming out at the next NAB show... but as most of us know if you are waiting for the next great thing to come out you will always be waiting to buy a new camera because there will always be something better coming down the road. For now I am extremely happy with my Canon C300, I see it being a work horse for me for years to come with documentary and corporate work!

I am also a bit afraid that all my work would be shot at 120fps or 240fps as I am a huge fan of slow mo like many other people and like many people I think I would be using it way more then it needed to be used!

I will let my less frequent time shooting with the Red Epic to fill my slow mo needs for the time being!


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