This is the first video I got to shoot out in LA. Shot in Jan of 2012 and it got released in March.
This was especially fun because I got to travel to LA with my good friend and frequent collaborator Pasha Patriki ( bitch!!) - who, as usual, over-delivered on every level. The video was an interesting experience because it's one of the very few videos I've directed where the concept was entirely written by the artist. I took Kerli's treatment and filtered it through my imagination, but at it's core the concept's all her. She also made all the wardrobe herself, which is pretty crazy. Overall it was a good collaboration. The video took about a month and a bit for post.

Fun fact: When the video got released it got pretty popular - so much so that some people started making Sims version of the video. It's like a thing. Here's one that's a shot for shot re-make, but in Sims format:

Director: Alon Isocianu
DOP: Pasha Patriki
Producer: Paul Bock
Exec. Producer: Geoff Mclean
Prod Co: Vision Film
Editor: Alon I.
VFX: Phil Prates & Alon Isocianu @ reactiv post
AD: Jesse Sternbaum

Shot on the RED ONE MX.

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