This theme is drinking because when I was in WA I brang regular batteries instead of rechargable thinking they were rechargable. Therefore, everyday we went skating I'd bring this device and it would run out of power, getting no pictures of skating. Furious, I just took pictures of people at the Toe House getting wasted, which was an occassional every night. I gathered a lot of shmaded photos. There are a lot of other photos, but still, although taken her in the SJ, they still are drinking photos. The clips are mostly skating except those randoms that will sneak up, I do adore random. In summary (I just blabbed for about a year and six days and now I'm summarizing) it's like a journal. Skating is what I love to do (Ideo) and in this case, out of skating, much drinking took place (Phot). It's just me and homies skating and having fun. A journal you could say of whats been happening for the past 6 to 8 months. If your looking for who could do the best trick (or cooter shots) or some dumb ass bullshit like that (cooter isn't dumb, I'm deprived of it being a bum or not a hyphy dousche), you mine as well not watch this because it ain't nothin like that. It's homies out skatboarding and having a good ole time. That's what it's about. I hope you enjoy. Sloths, midgets, stacks, beer, scum, longs, illas, brothers, applecans, random, and you might even taste a tea spoon of beligerency.
Fuck it, I've rambled enough, it was fun making this, yojne, brotherrrrs!!!!

Words/Video/Edit: Travis Dylan Knight
Additional Video: TMG

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