This is really cool!

We can connect Mathematica to Houdini and use many of its powerful capabilities.

In this example a scattering of points is created and then we find their nearest neighbours (VEX) and draw their connections (Python). I then send this as a graph structure to Mathematica and compute the clustering based on the topology of the network, the metric being the steps that connect one node to another. That together with the shortest path between two points is then send back to Houdini and displayed.

The general procedure to send and get data from Houdini to Mathematica is as follows:

-Prepare your data in Houdini by sending it through python and export in a suitable format. In this case a .tgf for the nodes and connections
-Let the Python script call the external mathscript
-Wait for it to do it's stuff and read back with Python

This gives you more or less painless integration of H with M

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