iStabilizer Tripod Mount -

iStabilizer is a new and innovative company that produces camera mounts and dollys for
smartphones like iPhone, Android, Blackberry and much much more.

So how does the iStabilizer Smartphone Tripod Mount work? It is easy as pie. You take the mounting
piece off the tripod and screw it to the smartphone mount. If your tripod is smaller, it
may only have the thread sticking out. Not to worry, just screw the mount to the tripod.
Now take your smartphone and slide it in as shown in the video. It is not preferred to
pull on the top, rather just slide it in (i know, that's what she said).

Now you can use your camera phone as if it is a video camera and record your occasion
professionally on the High Definition setting. It is also known as the i phone tripod. Your
video quality will be superb and a joy to watch. You can connect to a monopod as well.

Other products from iStabilizer is the:
iStabilizer Flexible Tripod
iStabilizer Smartphone Video Stabilizer
iStabilizer Glide pro
iStabilizer Glass Mount
iStabilizer Monopod
iStabilizer Dolly

The mount shown here can be purchased on its own if you already have a tripod or monopod to
connect your smartphone to. If you buy any of the other products, Flex, GlidePro, Glass, Monopod or
Dolly, the mount is included.

We strive to be the best smartphone tripod there is in the world, although we are located in
the United States of America. One problem I have with recording with my Samsung Galaxy S3 is that the
audio can sometimes be a little soft. I hope they sort that out quickly. Cell phones are part of our
lives and will always be there. Why not start using them properly with our easy to use devices?

This video can also be a iStabilizer Tripod Mount Tutorial or review. I approve this product.

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