An animation made by yours truly to demonstrate digestion. While it does outline a lot of the processes it skips over a few that I'd like to outline here:
-When food is chewed in the mouth (Mechanical digestion) It becomes a gross mash called bolus (Thats not fun to animate or watch, so I took it out.)
-When the bolus is in the stomach chemically digesting its a thick gruel called chyme (also not fun to animate)
- The 'water and steam' in the stomach are suppose to represent the enzymes that are added in the fundus and activated in the lover stomach, and beginning to dissolve in the acid. The next scene shows the pancreas excreting a fluid that neutralizes this acid.
-In the large intestine I forgot to add that this is where the moisture is reabsorbed and of course after the large intestine is the rectum and anus that I chose to leave out because thats super gross and animating it made me uncomfortable.
Hope you enjoy!

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