Having recently visited Malaysia where I met numerous deaf people from all kinds of backgrounds; I have since fantasied about travelling all over the world, meeting a wide range of unique deaf people who have a story to tell. During this search the process would also reveal the sub-story of the filmmakers' journey, as they search for the deaf people and where they live.

Deaf people are not recorded and they are hidden from view. Deaf history was recorded by a very limited few yet there are so many fascinating stories and characters to unearth.

Having such films would both educate mainstream society on several authentic aspects of deaf culture and at the same time serve to inspire deaf people who do not know how other deaf people like them, live in countries across the world.

Using the footage I shot in Malaysia, I have put together a promo teaser to give the viewer a sense of style and the type of visuals we'd be keen to incorporate into the films.

Footage shot on the 5DMK2 & 5DMK3 (preferred camera: Canon C300)

Filmed by Ted Evans (5DMK2 footage shot mainly by Becky Bailey and a few shots here and there from Brian Duffy)


This is simply something we could do if we had the funding and networks set up. I hope people see this and want to see more because it proves that there would be an audience for such films.

I don't know when I can finish this pilot. Firstly I have no budget, secondly there will be some major translation challenges to overcome and this takes time and money - something I am very short on. If you wish to help you can donate some money via the Tip-Jar below this film.

A big thanks must go out to my friends at silentSHOUT who helped set up a lot of what you see in this clip. They pretty much produced this episode and I appreciate all the time and work they put into our visit.

I didn't want the footage to sit on a shelf somewhere so I quickly cut this. Wouldn't it be amazing if we could travel to countries all over the world, finding unique deaf people in all kinds of environments. We already know that some stories would be incredibly sad and difficult, but there will also be inspiring ones and stories that will fascinate everyone. Until then just imagine what we could do!

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