A snowy day at the Fly Shop, so I broke out the new SLR Magic 35mm t1.4 lens to see what kind if results it produces. These are my very first images with the lens. Literally out of the box, onto the camera and shoot.

Nearly every clip I shot is here, in the order I shot them. All shots were between 1.4 and 4, with the majority being shot at 1.4, 2 and 2.8.

No color correction. Shot with Panasonic GH2, 720 60p, Nature mode. Hoya ND8 filter on outside shots.

I am not a pro or a lens "tester". My test is if I like it or not. So far the answer is yes. I also own the SLR Magic 12mm 1.6, which I like very much, and the 35mm seems to have better sharpness wide open and less light fall off wide open. Like the 12mm, it is very forgiving. Shots I thought I missed focus on came out pretty nice.

Some rough tripod and focus work here. I had my Petrol rain cover on (outside shots), and it's a little tough to focus and see the viewfinder with it on.

Music By Pretty Lights at prettylightsmusic.com/


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