The Metalhand Tour
Zeltuntergang 2012
September Wheels in the Basque Country

Text: Nicolas Büchi

As we heard over the years, new Pools and Bowls were popping up everywhere in the Basque Country since our last visit 3 years ago. So, the decision was quickly made, we had to go there for our Summer Tour 2012. 8 people in two cars, 3 tents and some 12 packs of motivational beer.

The summer tours are always special, one part holiday, one part footage producing, and one part just to wreck your body and your temper. After few hours in the car, the word was „Easy, this forms your personality“. As usual we had a fine selection of Bowl Shredders. Reto Bösch, Christoph Spiess, Moritz Greber, Ivo Weibel, Damien Morger, Boris Dietschi, Etienne Messikommer and Nicolas Büchi. This was very very promising.

We started down south in beautyful France. Our first stop was the really really old skatepark of Poussan. Everyone was super motivated on this first stop, unbelieving we are finally on tour, not anymore at home, working or looking for work. After the first sunburnt skin, we went north, to our first hightlight. Kampsa II in San Sebastian. Incredibly, what the locals built in the garden of a squat. A perfectly build keyhole Bowl with a Pool coping Wallride, that goes up to 3.5m. And all around the bowl, nice transition obstacles. And as a bonus, on our first night there, they held a fundraiser party with some local metal and punk bands. Just as it should be. So waking up the second morning of the tour with a proper hangover can only be cured by swimming in the Ocean. Oh you lovely San Sebastian. Back at Kampsa, the session was again escalating! Everyone was going big, but local Bowl Hero Diego Doural killed it 10 times harder than anyone of us ever could. Thanks thousand times to Diego, Hector and Andi.

After Kampsa and a short stop in the new Pagola Bowl, we went to huge park of Irun. But it was so crowded with Scooter Kids, that half of the crew wasnt nearly skating, except for the 10-man-soultrain. Only Reto Bösch was doing alone his Backside Tailslides in the deep End.

The Tour Mayhem continued through all the Basque Coast. The next Highlight was the old Vert Ramp in Zarautz. Situated next to the Sea, we had an awesome Sunset Session. Moritz Greber and his Frontside Airs were so smooth, a postcard couldnt be more advertising for Zarautz.

We rolled trough Gernika, and Bermeo and looking for a sleeping place in Bermeo was easy, we just went to the Lighthouse. Having a BBQ under a working lighthouse, looking down at the Ocean was awesome. Especially for Swiss-„I-see-the-ocean-one-time-in-3-years“-People.

From there on to Bakio and Armintza. As anyone was drunk on the night session, we started to do Speed Races through the whole Bowl, one run Frontside, one run Backside. Moritz won with 18.7 Seconds. Try to beat that.

And the circus went on, to Plentzia, Las Arenas, Sondika, Urduliz and finally to Algorta. Algorta was for all of us the final Enemy. It's an epic spot, everyone dreams of it, everone has it wish what tricks to do. Of course, Christoph was blasting Bodyjars all the times, and Reto went for the BS Tailslides in the Deep End. Boris frontside Slashed the hell out of the Pool, Ivo went for the Crailslide on the Extension, so everyone had his own personal super session. And in the moment after that, everything imploded. The power was gone, the bones were hurtin, home was a 16-hour drive away and a shower would also be nice. So we slowly drove away from the paradise the basque country was for us, back home. But, we had to stop one more time. The brand new Skatepark of St-Lys was on our road, so one more session had to be skated. But after that, we were dead. Completely.

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