This promo package for this year’s NFL season conjures up an epic rocket-powered football and the FOX broadcast booth as mission control. A cinematic blend of live-action footage and impactful 3D animation and compositing sets the stage for the launch of another explosive season of the NFL. For this project, I was responsible to compositing the footage screens, display screens and buttons on the control panels. In addition, I was responsible for setting up and delivering customizable After Effects projects for the Fox Sports Design team to update every week with the match-ups they would be broadcasting.

Client: FOX Sports
Agency: FOX Sports Design
Production Company: Superfad
DP: Steve McGehee
Production Designer: Jason Puccinelli
Line Producer: John Gomez
Executive Creative Director: Will Hyde
Creative Director: Izik Roitman
Art Director: Loren Judah
Lead 3D Artist: Matt Guzzardo
Technical Director: Robin Scher
Lead Modeler/Texture Artist: Adam Rosenzweig
3D Generalists: Ian Mankowski, Andrew Butterworth, Anton Tokar
Lighting: Russ Wooton, Julian Fitzpatrick, Anton Tokar
Simulations/FX: Phipat Pinyosophon
Lead Compositor: Joel Voelker
Compositors: Paulo Dias, Lu Liu, Paul Barkshire, Paul Cantor, Allen K. Lau, Erik Rasmussen, Anton Tokar
2D Animation: Justin Pae
Editor: Ryan Haug
Colorist: Joel Voelker
Producer: Michael Kaufman
Executive Producer: Chris Volckmann
Sound Design: John Buroker

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