Releasedate: 12/23/2012 iTunes, Beatport
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'Your Clouds'
I love clouds - they are in a constant state of change - always there and always on the move - on one hand beautiful organic forms yet on the other destructive and powerful -

I was contacted by lovejet a couple of weeks ago to put together a free video for a ep release on the 1st December 2012 for One Million Circuts and their song 'Your Clouds'

'Your Clouds' to me is a happy song and i wanted to capture in this video some of that positivity and optimism through the use of beautiful scenes, the surf and the sea overlayed with impressive clouds - but I also wanted to capture the other side of clouds and juxtapose the scenes with an underlying story of a man lost - searching for answers and direction as dark clouds have moved over his life and he doesn't know where to go... In the end he jumps in the water and washes away his cares and worries and the clouds eventually clear to reveal the start of a beautiful day..

Most of the footage was shot after work around Sydney over the last two weeks and some cloud footage has been re-used from old videos.

Equipment - Canon 7D & 5Dmk2 - A few lenses, a ball head Manfrotto tripod and a SPL waterhousing.

Credits -
sixdegreesbelowthehorizon - director, cinematography, post production, acting
one million circuits - music


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