This is a short film that a group of Kansas State Undergrad, Grad and Alumni put together in August 2012. It was for a 24 hour competition. The rules were to script, produce, shoot and edit all in 24 hour time limit. We had a theme of "Catch 22", we had to include a bus stop location within the video, a key, and the line "This isn't going to have a happy ending" had to be said within the film.

The story takes place in a dinner were to friends Tony and Joe meet to catch up. Tony is a rising employee at company named Visser. Joe is a national journalist who is always chasing breaking news. Joe has discovered some information about Visser that could potential ruin the company. The film follows "Tony" as he struggles to make a decision on how to deal with Joe's discovery.

The film made the top 10 out of 30 plus films in the competition. We had high hopes for this video especially because we really loved the look and feel that we gave the story. We did find out many people didn't quite understand the plot of the story and the characters true relationships. We wanted to try and fix it before we posted it online to view but never could find the time to resolve the issue. With that, we would just like to share what we could do in the 24 hr time period. There were a few shots added in during the "coffee scene" after the competition. We had hoped to help the character back story and little more.

With all that being said, it was an amazing first time experience for all of us involved and hope to compete in future competitions. Enjoy, share, and comment.

Film Crew:
David Kaufman- DP
James Rico-"Tony" (Visser Employee) - DP/Editor
Drew Morris- Producer/Writer/Music Design
Aaron Engelman- "Joe"(Journalist) Producer/Music Design
Brian Broeckelman-Camera Op/Grib/Extra
Dakota German- Camera Op/Music Design/Grip
Jacob Heffern-Camera Op/Grib
Joey Cooper- Music Design

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