In the sub-nuclei consciousness, in the far-away Lands of Central America Nicaragua, Poet Pamela Stewart, acts to our Dante Alighieri, to her Beatrice Portinari. A guide to whom the viewer confides his or her trust in. A grown, powerful woman of wisdom, Pamelas' tales of love, counters our troubled relationship between Malala and contemporary interpretations of Religion.

A woman of wisdom, 14, Malala Yousafzai is faintly seen, through juxtapose, to display the troubled spirit the young, powerful, martyr & practitioner of Islam has struggled for basic Female education, whereas her cataclysmic environment surrounding her, continues to stranglehold Females from progressing forward into daily life, the very which 21st century North Americans take for granted.

In no way does Pamela the Poet convey her recital is about Malala, but simply, to show that the Maturity of Pamelas' North American love-life, universal as her words are, from her gender female perspective, could also one day reflect the intimate mutual-love relationship Malala may one day have & experience.

Paintings include: David Ristau

Songs include:
Clique - Kanye West
Girl is on Fire Instrumental - Alicia Keys

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