The second, teaser-length trailer for the low-budget feature film 'Us & Them'. Music courtesy of The Dear Hunter.

Cole Levitt is a new teacher of Dramatics and Literature at Ford High School. Only 24, he is already jumping into a steady life with a job, a home, and a recent engagement to his high school sweetheart, Allison. He meets a sophomore student named Margot Tate at his new job who has a love of writing almost as deep as the fractures in her home life. His close friendship with her begins to complicate his life and make those around them suspicious, but they can't seem to avoid the kinship they feel in each other. Meanwhile, she begins to feel more for him, and through three years of their life they both grow and change together as their lives rearrange.

Written, directed, & edited by Carrie Ferrante. Produced by Galatea Films in association with Joshua Paige/Front Paige Films. Shot on the Canon 7D by Marc Riou. Other crew: Robert La Rosa, Alan R. Holloway, Nugent Cantileno, Ryan Campbell, Luke Paige, Matthew Becker, Kortney Gloska.

Starring: Steve White, Elizabeth Spano, Lindsay Hicks, Paul Kropfl, Ian Boswell, Lauren Ashleigh.

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